Mental wellbeing can affect every aspect of our lives, yet many of us do not talk about it. A lack of personalised information along with the stigma attached to mental health creates barriers to support. However, failing to deal with our mental health can impact on our work, relationships and family lives.

Voxsio created Alli-chat to connect with people in a way they are familiar with - through always available chat on messaging platforms.

Alli-chat, creates AI driven conversations that help young people understand their mental health and encourages them to continue to talk, both with Alli and also with their support network, encouraging them to have a positive relationship with their mental wellbeing.

It engages them in conversations about mental wellbeing in an accessible way, helping people discover verified, relevant information and support.


At Voxsio, it is our mission to engage people in conversations that give them the tools and knowledge to manage their mental wellbeing. We do this in 3 key ways:

  1. Connecting with them early in their journey and creating better outcomes and long term benefits

  2. Normalising their feelings, easing the stigma they feel and encouraging them to talk about mental wellbeing

  3. Delivering relevant personalised information that helps them support themselves and their friends.

We draw on the skills and experience of the young people we work with and combine it with our expertise in Person Centred Design and Artificial Intelligence to create compelling conversations.