Today, we can access a wealth of online information. Yet searching for answers relevant to us is challenging, particularly when our enquiry is legal, financial or regulatory.

Voxsio’s Conversational Search uses machine learning to turn each search into a conversation, diagnosing the individual’s enquiry and their context, and guiding them to relevant answers quickly. Like a librarian who helps you find the book that you are looking for, Voxsio’s Conversational Search uses a back and forth of questions to identify the information that is relevant to you.

Conversational Search can be used to create expert agents in the legal, financial, and government sectors, increasing access to complex information without adding advisors and associated costs.



Focusing on specific domains of knowledge, Voxsio’s Conversational Search unlocks valuable information. Using machine learning to create expert agents that help people resolve complex enquiries.

The development of Conversational Search is just the first step on Voxsio’s journey.  Through the development and delivery of Conversational Search Voxsio will collect the training data needed to improve the overall service, build future products, and develop the next generation of Conversational AI.


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